Friday, November 12, 2010

DO NOT go to this nail bar...

omg they absolutely SUCK! For those of you who live in Australia and see this franchise around.. avoid them! 

I went to one of their stores yesterday with a friend- I don't usually go there, to get a full set of acrylics and I have to say, I've never been so unsatisfied ever in my life! 

The service sucked! They hardly concentrate on your nails at all! They speak amongst themselves in their own language most likely just bitching about you and they don't follow your demands! The lady who was doing my nails couldn't find even stick on the right sized tips!! She then cut them WAYYYYY too short!!! THEN she decided to cut me with the electronic filer on 6 different fingers... ignoring the blood! omg I was horrified!!! When I spoke to my friend about them she said she went there for a pedicure and left with a nail infection due to their lack of sanitising! Which is 100% true! I remember seeing nail filing marks on the filer she used on me which by the way she is s'pose to use a new one on each person! The brush she used for the power was also used! I think you guys get how horrible they are and never to go there EVER!!!

Do any of you know of any nail bars to avoid?

Write it in a comment!!!


  1. i never get my nails done! i hate the look :P

  2. lol, my girlfriend has said the same thing

  3. I just bite mine.. Seems to work well enough. Get rid of the captcha!